Why Choose Shopify? 10 Benefits
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Shopify is one of the leading cloud platform solutions for brands trying to get in to or trying to evolve their ecommerce game.

It will easily allow you to take your brand to an international platform and can be used for a wide range of products. Below are some of the main benefits of shopify.

Quick and Easy Set Up

Similar to shopify there are various other ecommerce platforms but shopify is specifically known for its ease of use. Other platforms might require basic HTML or IT knowledge of how to host and manage a site. Shopify doesn’t have you worrying about development costs or servers. All software updates and server maintenance will be done by shopify and you have no technical issues at all.

The admin pages are user friendly, clean and logically structured. There is also comprehensive documentation on how to use the platform. All you need is a brand and product to sell.

Security and Reliability

If you have an online shopping platform, chances are that you deal with sensitive information like credit card details and also impatient customers. To deal with impatient customers your site has to be fast and always online. When dealing with secure information it also means that your site has to be secure.

So, the main advantage of a hosted solution like shopify is reliability. SSL certificates are usedon your store so that all data that passes through a secure connection are encrypted. The PCl compliance is also taken care of by shopify.

Customer Support

One of the main selling points of shopify is 24/7 customer support. Their responses are quite instant and can be reached on multiple platforms. You can contact them via email, phone and web chat. They also have an advanced shopify university guide, help center, documentation, and community forums.

Mobile Ready

Having a mobile optimized platform is very important with people shopping more on their mobile than on their desktops. All the themes on the web builder are mobile responsive and also has a built-in mobile shopping card.


The Shopify theme store has over 160 themes to choose from, and these are mobile responsive. You can also use 3rd party websites like Theme Forest. If you know basic coding things are made even better because you can slightly adjust the code

There are also specialized agencies like Flux Agency Australia that help brands develop their shopify portals.

SEO and Marketing Tools

Having a nice store isn’t everything when it comes to ecommerce. You also need people to visit the store in order to earn revenue. Another one of shopify’s main benefits are the powerful SEO(Search Engine Optimization) feature that will you rank your brand so that customers can find you with a quick search on a search engine.

They also have a range of marketing tools like social media integration, email marketing and marketing automation.

These are some of the main reasons as to why everyone should start their ecommerce journey with a platform like shopify. You can focus on aspects like how to develop your brands and not on the technical issues that comes with running your own bespoke site.

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