Why is Playtime So Important for Kids?
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“All work no play makes Jack a dull boy”, so shouldn’t that apply to your kids too? Some parents don’t understand the importance of playtime for kids. You might now wonder what you’re doing wrong. Sometimes, you might get offended that you do so much yet get the blame that you’re not doing enough.

Well, purchasing tons of toys don’t make everything right. It doesn’t prove that you understand what playtime means to your kids. Do you? They don’t actually need every toy that you find cute. Their definition of playtime is different from yours. This is why you must understand why playtime is important for kids.

Playtime helps them grow

Playtime or playing is vital for kids at any age; it could be toddlers, kids, or teens.

Even babies tend to play with rattles, which involves hand movements, mental coordination, and senses. When the baby touches the rattle, he feels that there’s something in his hands. When he moves it from one hand to another, his brain signals to hold the rattle from the other hand. Likewise, there are different skills involved in everything that babies experience.

When we talk about toddlers, they climb, run, fall, and stand up again. All their movements will create different experiences for them. They will realize that pain is a feeling, and letting it overtake will only cause more damages. Thus, they tend to ignore it to become more resilient. Even if toddlers fall, they tend to stand up and do the same thing over and over. This is actually good.

Likewise, parents need to understand that playtime helps kids to grow. We’ve seen parents who protect their kids so much that they don’t let them fall, but it’s not a recommended behaviour. You should let your kid fall and learn how to walk and become resilient.

Playtime helps them socialize

Though we suggest letting them socialize with other friends and play in the group, you should understand how to do it. While you let them mingle, you should purchase play doh sets Australia and other similar toys to keep them occupied.  

While it’s important to socialize, you should maintain a balance. Once you let them play, you should watch them from a distance to see what they’re doing. If you let them grow, they’ll make a mistake and learn, but if you keep guiding them, they’ll never understand how to raise alone.

Also, you should get involved only if it’s needed.

Playtime should be maintained

It would help if you didn’t let your kid play 24/7 because there’s no balance in it. If you want to follow a healthy and disciplinary lifestyle, you should set an example.

You should explain to your kids that playing all the time wouldn’t bring any benefits to their life. Besides, there can be school work, homework, and other activities that need his time. Therefore, you should explain and help him allocate time for every activity while allocating time for playing.

There should be a balance when allocating time for playing, and your kid should understand why it’s important to allocate time.

These are some of the reasons why playtime is important.

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